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The Natures Rules Story

Pam Johnson has always loved animals. At her home she and her family are surrounded by a wonderful menagerie of horses, dogs, cats, goats, and chickens. In the early 1990’s Pam found that several of her rescue animals with health problems experienced renewed health by eating a species-appropriate, “all natural,” homemade diet. However, Pam quickly realized how difficult and time consuming preparing homemade diets can be. This set her on a quest to find the healthiest, “all natural,” pet foods on the market. The foods that she was looking for had to be made with the highest quality, species appropriate ingredients available.

The first food that Pam found to meet her standards was Solid Gold. In addition, Pam quickly realized that she was not alone in wanting superior health for her animals but having limited time to prepare food for them and as word got out about her having found a healthy manufactured food other health-conscious pet owners began contacting her. Pam began to provide them with Solid Gold from the trunk of her car.

Little did she know then that her personal quest and those first sales from her car were the birth of her successful company, NaturesRules. NaturesRules has continued the quest to find the healthiest, “all natural,” pet foods available and through the years has added many excellent foods to those that they provide. 

Pam’s personal passion to increase the health and vitality of pets has crystallized itself as the mission of NaturesRules which is “to provide the highest quality consumables for pets to the independent retailer.”


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