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DGP is based on an herbal blend that Australia’s top veterinarians and herbalists created to ease the joint discomfort of thoroughbred racehorses. Horse racing is a big business in Australia, and these sleek, beautiful animals depend on their mobility for swiftness. They can’t afford to be slowed down by soreness in their joints. By tweaking this proprietary herbal blend, these master herbalists discovered that it worked for dogs, too, turning less active dogs into running, jumping, playful companions again without harsh medications and no waiting for glucosamine or chondroitin to kick in! 

DGP soothes aching joints, supports connective tissue repair, enhances mobility and demeanor, and is truly the best joint supplement for pets. Well over 13 million tablets of DGP have now been lapped up by dogs and cats throughout the United States with no negative side effects.

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