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At Intersand, we firmly believe that our beloved pets deserve the very best. We want our cats to live long and healthy lives together with us, and with that in mind, we work diligently to develop the very best products, using the very best manufacturing practices unmatched in the industry.

Our values


We are one of the only cat litter manufacturer who owns its R&D and Innovation Center. By integrating new technologies, science, research and creative partnerships, our business model is unique. We also have one of the most automated plant of the industry.

Respect for animals

One aspect that pet parents often overlook is the impact of the substrate on the health of their pet and everyone in their home. At Intersand, we go the extra mile to ensure that none of our litters affect your cat’s health.


Sustainable development is at the heart of Intersand strategy, which includes continuing to be advocated for sustainable practices in product manufacturing to better care and for respect of our environments and our communities.

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