New Country Organics

New Country Organics

New Country Organics strives to do three things: take back the food chain one egg at a time, put more into the soil than we take from it, and create evermore organic acreage right here in North America. How do we do these things? By sourcing, designing, and developing soy-free, Certified Organic animal feeds and minerals for your whole farm.

New Country Organics has become a trusted source for organic poultry and livestock feeds, as well as responsible animal bedding, soil, horticulture products, and health products over the years. We believe in the Certified Organic program. We work hard to find the best products—products that we use ourselves and products that we know will be appreciated by our customers. Our customers trust us, and we value and honor that bond.

We’re Taking Back The Food Chain

Now more than ever, it’s important for us to know what we eat and what our food eats before us. We give our customers the power to exert control over what they and their loved ones (human or animal) eat.

We Put More Into the Soil Then We Take

It’s our responsibility as global citizens to be better stewards of our planet. By focusing on soil health, we are rebuilding the vitality and health of ecosystems and focusing on a mission critical to the human journey. We produce and distribute products that rebuild the soil and support the interconnected food web of microorganisms that live within it.

We Promote Evermore Organic Acreage

Building community is part of life, no matter who or what you are. We all have a natural tendency to care for the wellbeing of our neighbors. That’s why we focus on promoting organic acreage right here in the United States and Canada. We know where our grains come from, and we know that the farmers are advocating for the health of the earth and its dwellers.

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Nature’s Rules is proud to offer the finest in animal feed and care products.

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